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  • Really good article, and worth a read. But at least read this bit:

    After about a half-hour of clapping and chanting, officers from the U.S. Capitol Police issued several warnings, then began arresting protesters — binding their hands with zip ties and leading them away one-by-one.

    “I am the daughter of Holocaust survivors and I know what a Holocaust looks like,” said Jane Hirschmann, a native of Saugerties, New York, who drove down for the protest along with her two daughters — both of whom were arrested. “When we say ‘Never Again,’ we mean never for anybody.”

    The demonstrators focused much of their ire on the Biden administration, demanding that the president immediately cease all arms shipments to Israel.

    “We’re not focusing on Netanyahu. He’s just a symptom,” Hirschmann said. “But how can (Biden) be calling for a cease-fire when he’s sending them bombs and planes?”

  • In politics it’s the opposite of “devil you know”. It’s why Congress flips so much after a presidents first election.

    People know Biden know, and the more people know Biden the less they like him.

    I don’t think Harris will be great, but there is a chance she will be. That’s enough to get a lot more votes than Biden.

    If she hits the ground running we could even gain seats in 2026 for once. But she can’t just “look into” shit to run down the clock. She needs a list of shit they can accomplish, and how many votes in Congress to accomplish each.

    Be totally upfront about what we can do, and actually try to accomplish what we can do on day 1.

    People will remember that come midterms.

  • Netanyahu’s address will be presided over by Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chair Ben Cardin in Harris’ absence.

    Harris’ meeting with Netanyahu is separate from his expected meeting with Democratic U.S. President Joe Biden who stepped aside as candidate for the 2024 elections and endorsed Harris, her aide said. Biden is recovering from COVID.

    Politico reported that Netanyahu also requested an in-person meeting with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump but the former president has yet to agree.

    It’s fucking insane how little money it’s taken Israel to buy off our entire government.

    He should be handed over for war crimes the second he sets foot on US soil, but there’s no chance of that happening

  • She’ll be fine.

    Moderates like her already, and as someone who’s had to vote Hillary and Joe in the last two elections…

    It’s easier for progressives to hold their nose when they have the benefit of the doubt about how bad the candidate is.

    We’re fucking fighting fascism bro, her being a DA might even be a good thing if she’s actually down to fight fascists. Don’t forget before McCarthyism we had capitalists allying with communists to fight fascism.

    Hell, if she pulls a “I know the system, I know it needs fixed, and I look forward to being president so it can be fixed” would guarantee she’s the next prez.

    It doesn’t take much, we’rre just coming off the two worst Dem candidates in modern history, and still got a trump hangover from his term. So Kamala would have to really fuck shit up to lose.