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  • It’s kinda like whiplash to read someone who combines obvious contempt for the President and a willingness to indulge in wild conspiratorial speculation coming from the left. I was surprised again when the last paragraph frames Harris’ possible Israel policy as a question. By that point, I expected the author to explain to me what was going to happen.

    Anyway, I suppose Harris to be chillier toward Israel, but doubt she’ll usher in a sea change. Especially before November.

  • Don’t be paranoid. An Eco Dot literally can’t tell you the time w/o phoning home. You can watch the network traffic it produces. No way it’s transmitting 24h of audio. And if you think about it, millions of Alexa devices recording 24/7 audio would generate more traffic than porn. And that’s before Amazon has paid a nickel to process any of that audio.

    When it comes to eavesdropping on “every little conversation” They don’t, they can’t, it would be stupid to try.

  • Oslo is a plan for autonomy under occupation. It allowed Arafat and the PA to rule while under house arrest.

    So not only does it have the same terms of an 1800s treaty with Native Americans, but has a similar track record of being honored.

    Oh and don’t forget, that even these meager terms were too much for the hard-core Zionists to accept so they killed their own Prime Minister over it.