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  • As someone who personally knows someone like this, these people are the least knowledgeable about the outside world. They barely consume U.S. news, let alone international news. They don’t know the politics of the green grass they’re dreaming of, they don’t want to learn another language, they don’t even really want foreign jobs. They want a remote job in the U.S. so they can abuse the weaker economies abroad.

    It’s just such an incredible amount of ignorance and cowardice to me. As if the U.S. falling completely to fascism wouldn’t impact them at all if they can simply walk away.

  • I’m not gonna pretend that I love Harris, but this does make me energized enough to try and convince others to vote for her.

    I think the hard part is going to be getting Trump to agree to debate her, but she should be able to kick his ass and hit him hard on the issues that matter for this election, as opposed to doddling on a stage arguing about golf.

  • The problem is that to argue this point, you have to start going through all of the facts like case conversion rates, the domestic abuse rates, the rates of racist attacks by law enforcement, and the membership overlap between law enforcement and white supremacist groups. Once you start bringing up that many numbers, the idiots get confused and their eyes roll out of their skull, whereas the centrists get too scared realizing that basically no cop is actually trying to keep the U.S. safe and try to shutdown the conversation.

  • This narrative is horseshit. People only think there’s not enough time because Americans think an election is supposed to be four years long. Other countries are more than capable of calling for and finishing their elections in less than a few months.

    It’s almost like there’s a convention where all the Democrats are going to be at, where there could be a series of debates that could either demonstrate Biden’s ability to inspire the party, or find someone who can. If only all of the country’s current Democratic representatives were there, we could almost have something like a representative democracy.

    What’s actually happening is the DNC doesn’t care, thinks they still have this election in the bag, and just want to ram Biden through irregardless of what members of the public or his own party think or say. They already fucked up by refusing a legitimate primary process, and now their play is to claim their hands are tied. We have 4 months until November; there is time.

  • How on earth does this relate to WW1 at all? WW1 started because a Bosnian-Serb assassinated an Austrian duke, and when asked to investigate Serbia told Austria to fuck off. Serbia was a completely separate country to Austria, and was purposefully trying to stir up shit in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    This was a U.S. citizen trying to assassinate a former U.S. president. Nobody else in the world is going to give a shit. We actually do this with startling frequency compared to most other countries.