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  • Right but I am on your side about this. I want everyone to have housing that is awesome and within their price range. I just don’t agree that finding ways to punish immigrants and minorities is the best way to go about it. There is a difference between me saying “I want X and don’t think Y is the best way to get X” and me saying “fuck your family, I hate Y and lets do X to hurt them”. Me discussing how to solve a problem is not me denying the problem exists or should not be solved.

    Also you and me are good. I am sorry for your loss. I imagine I would be very sensitive to this subject in your situation.

  • Have you traveled much?


    The standard is good behavior, not other people.

    Must I repeat it again?

    The trump nazis will abuse everything yes.

    And yet you want to give them more? You don’t hand a gun to a person who went to jail repeatedly for using a gun.

    But people not being able to afford a place to live is also giving us trump nazis in the first place

    Assertion, please demonstrate it. Also demonstrate that your method of handing Nazis more power will make them less powerful. Lastly compare the US grabbling with fascists to other nations who have rules like you are advocating for and how they are also grappling with fascists.

    It’s a little thing but I kinda want you to acknowledge that the one time this idea was tried in diet form in the US it not only didn’t work it also legalized racism. You are suggesting an idea that we tried and it not only failed in the task it was meant to perform it also created a host of new problems.

  • Strong disagree. Can you imagine what red states will do with the power to demand proof of citizenship to own property? Or all the hell couples where one is a Permanent Resident the other a Citizen will go through?

    You should be terrified of someone like Jeff Session or Kris Kobach able to just veto any random person from owning land. You can see it now in your head

    • Them drafting letters on government stationary to real estate agents demanding paperwork from anyone with a Latino or Chinese name. Effectively making agents terrified of dealing with minorities.

    • Random spot checks, having deputies show up to open houses asking for papers or waiting until after closing then interrogation of the family

    • Activists courts arguing that all members of the household must be citizens based on vague feelings

    • New rules that state that the entire inheritance path must all be citizens

    • Non-citizens being forced to sell at a 1/10th the value

    • The lawsuits from groups like the ACLU pointing out that it is a obvious violation of the civil rights act, which goes to the Supreme Court who then declares the Bill of Rights only applies to citizens

    If you are interested the experiment has been run already. Go read up what Kris Kobach did when he got a town to pass a law requiring citizenship tests to rent. He not only near bankrupted the town due to lawsuits he personally sent threatening letters to Latinos who lived there.

    ve traveled to won’t let me buy so why not do the same?

    The standard is good behavior, not other people.