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  • ? And yes, they leverage their only political power they have in the USA, their vote, in June months before the election, to get better policies. Wow what an undemocratic move of them.

    Yes, congratulations, you have suddenly become aware that building support for an election starts slightly sooner than a week before election day.

    It’s like they are Schrödingers leftists: powerful enough to prevent Biden from being reelected and it’s totally their fault if Trump wins, not the democratic party, but not powerful enough to receive any compromises because they are such a small voter base and so radical with their demands of stopping a genocide and protecting illegal immigrants.

    Have you not noticed that elections in the US are typically won at or under single digit percentage points? If you’re 3% of a coalition that wins by 1%, you’re big enough to sink the entire coalition if you throw a hissy fit over being asked to join up against a literal fascist, but not big enough to warrant losing the support of, say, 40% of the coalition.

    So yeah, both “The far-left is a small part of the coalition” and “If they don’t vote for the coalition, there’s a good chance we lose and fascism wins” are not mutually fucking exclusive.

  • Ukraine isn’t mountainous terrain that’s hard to navigate both on foot and with even modern aircraft. It isn’t a subsistence economy that has been at war for a thousand years. It isn’t home to people who made a life raiding into India for women and livestock, fierce mountain vikings, even before becoming the graveyard of empire as they cut their teeth on three world powers in a row, getting stronger with each they drove out, generation by generation. These are farmers and programmers and project managers, who are dying in trenches on a flat field as surely as the Flemmish before Germans in WWI, and yes, the line can hold forever, but it takes X lives every day to make that happen, and there’s no endgame where Russia gives in, because it needs the fresh water from the non-Crimea shit to hold Crimea, which has no rivers, and their whole Black Sea naval operation is out of there, and they’re not going to cede the whole Black Sea.

    What absolutely bizarre hagiography.