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  • I didn’t mean to imply that evey woman was 6’2"+ . Let me be more specific. In twenty years living in Louisiana, Texas, and Florida my wife never met a woman anywhere near her height with the exception of a set of basketball playing twins that lived in our condo building in Austin. We hit Park City and she sees women that are 6’0"+ pretty much daily. Not every woman, but also not unusual to see at least one. I do not know the reason for this.

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  • This is why I keep repeating “vote for the administration, not the candidate”. Just look at the damage the Trump administration circus did futing the shit show that was his term. Now look at the good that the Biden administration has done in its term. Harris would likely keep a large portion of the team.

    The only real deep blemish on the Biden administration has been its support of the Palestinian genocide. If Trump was president, he would has encouraged Netanyahu to be far more brutal. You can also kiss Ukraine, human rights, and democracy goodbye under a Trump second term. But sure…don’t vote.

  • There was underlying “people are the real victims of wars”. They cover it as well during some dialogue where someone is recounting how cavalier the government and military had been with human lives. How easy it was for them to throw away lives in their quest for power. I found that it made a universal political and ethical statement without ever picking a side.

    EDIT: I watched it in Japanese with subtitles. There have been complaints that the english dub version has a lot of changes that switch the meaning of a scene.