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  • If enforcing instance-wide rules is an issue for you, I have bad news about any forums you choose to join in the future.

    Not only is it against instance rules, but the comment was reported multiple times for being hateful and offensive, if it doesn’t personally offend you that is wonderful, it doesn’t change the bigoted nature of the word, and that it does offend some people. I gave OP 3 hours to edit the comment before I removed it, if anything that’s quite the opposite of Reddit moderation, where you’d simply have a comment removed and receive a ban instantly.

  • Received reports for the source-- as usual, these are evaluated on a case-by-case basis as FoxNews is not currently “blacklisted”, it’s just “not-preferred”. After comparing this article to the one in the comments, they contain basically the same information and the conclusion is this particular post will be allowed to stay up. Many of the other links from Fox News have been taken down, not entirely because of the outlet, but because the content of the article went off the rails and did not match what other outlets had reported. If you have any discrepancies feel free to comment or tag me.

    We respect that users may not want to click on links leading to Fox News, so as always we do encourage people to continue to post links to other outlets in the comments if you disagree with the source of any post (as ZephyrXero did here).

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    Antik is one of the admins of lemmy.world. He holds administrative authority over the entire forum rather than being specifically involved as a moderator here. He could have removed the comment himself, but he chose to request you change it instead (which I would have also done, had he not already handled it).

    As a moderator of this community, I’d like to express our shared sentiment. The use of the term “retard” as an insult is something we discourage. Its appropriateness in language has evolved over time, and it’s increasingly considered inappropriate due to its derogatory associations, regardless of its original meaning. Language is subject to change, and words that were once commonplace are regularly perceived as offensive now. Regardless of personal views on the word, if the admins have deemed it unsuitable for use on this platform, it’s something that we will also enforce.

    There is an abundance of other words that effectively convey your message.

  • The other problem that frequently happens is not treating both sides biased sources equally.

    This is of the utmost importance to me (us). It’s definitely not going to be a situation where we say “Oh we blacklisted a source from the right, we have to hit one from the left now”. If a source is credible and not incredibly biased, it will always be allowed.

  • https://www.allsides.com/media-bias/media-bias-chart

    This is the chart I sent to the mods over a discord message.

    Basically, anything in the middle three columns would be “preferred” and the furthest left and right columns would be “not-preferred”. Again, stuff from the furthest left and right columns are not subject to instant removal and some could still fly if you can’t find another site posting the content, but generally, it isn’t that difficult to find another source that wrote an article about the same topic.

    It would be ridiculous to think there are totally “non-biased” sites, the goal here is really just to not have constant posts from Fox News or the Huffington Post, let alone sites that veer even further in either direction, with the endgame being that this doesn’t wind up being a massive echo chamber of a community for any particular political leaning.

    Edit - Open to suggestions about said chart, and other sites users think fall into any of the categories