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  • I used quotation marks because that is how punctuation works.

    Also, the groups I’m talking about have not yet been marched into concentration camps like Project 2025 has planned for one and implies similar issues for the other.

    U.S. troops on the ground would make the genocide worse.

    You don’t seem to understand the concept of a bad thing being made worse. As if Britain aiding the Nazis in the Holocaust by killing all of their own Jews would somehow been equally as bad as what actually happened. Either that, or you’re fine with the Gaza genocide being worse and more genocides planned in the U.S., one of them explicitly stated by Project 2025 is a good thing so you can say you told us so.

    So which is it- more genocide isn’t bad because lots more dead people doesn’t make genocide worse or you don’t care if there’s more genocide because you can gloat afterward?

  • The German authorities claim they have proof of the connection between the IZH and Hezbollah. If they do have the proof, which they now under obligation to provide of course, it is not politics and Islamophobia, it is doing what the law requires.

    Now you may think the law should require doing similar things to such organizations aiding Israel. I wouldn’t disagree. But that doesn’t mean you let other organizations that aid a different group that commits atrocities and want a theocracy just because they’re fighting Israel out of some sense of fairness.