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  • It definitely does hit you the same as regular delta-9 THC does, just not as strong/intense and doesn’t last as long. For me, that’s the draw. For my regular weed-smoking friends, it’s a common complaint.

    If you do decide to try it for pain relief, I’ll warn you the distillate vapes are pretty harsh, so do little puffs. I like the gummies, myself, but they hit harder than the vapes (as with most THC edibles) and have to cut them into quarters to not get stupid high.

    I have terrible knees that ache constantly, and these do help (though so did CBD, just without the head change I also wanted).

    Please don’t take this as medical advice, lol, just my own experience.

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    I’ve noticed the opposite. I’ll use a Micro-USB cable for 1-2 years (sometimes less) and it’ll always start having flaky connections requiring more and more jiggles to get working. I’ve used the same USB-C cable for a bit over 5 years and it works as well as the day I bought it.